Communication has always been a defining element of humanity and that applies right now with some of the huge challenges facing us all. This includes to massive issues such as climate change and other environmental and social issues, as well as to the success of small organisations and businesses. Good communications, both internal and external, are an essential element at the heart of positive change.

A Grain of Sand knows how to communicate at many different levels and to hugely varying audiences. Chris Hines has spent most of his life communicating and his working knowledge stretches from the power of a good sound bite and full media engagement (everything from BBC Panorama, Newsnight live to BBC Children’s TV) through to written and oral evidence to House of Commons and Lords Select Committee’s, the European Parliament and Commission and even acting as a special adviser to the minister. He has also worked developing and presenting programmes for TV.

Chris was part of the small team that helped deliver Africa Calling which was part of the Live8 series of concerts and reached global audiences.

A Grain of Sand can help with workshops and master classes on communications or can be engaged to help develop and/or deliver a full communications strategy.

A Grain of Sand works with a number of associates and companies, drawing in skills and resources as required.

“His (Chris Hines) media savvy was notorious and SAS was soon almost as widely known as Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth.” Surfers Path, Green Wave Award.

“SAS were incredibly effective given the size of the organisation and having an HQ far from London. If anybody ever does a PHD on effectiveness of pressure groups SAS should surely feature as an example of how to get it right...I've only ever been a member of two pressure groups - the RSPB and SAS. Polar opposites but both highly effective in targeting precisely what they have as their core business and getting things changed.”Alex Thomson
Presenter/ Chief Correspondent, Channel 4 News

“You were superb and your enthusiasm, dedication and professionalism were awesome. You played a massive role in bringing together an event that will live for ever in people’s minds.” Tim Smit CEO of the Eden Project, on Chris Hines’ input into Africa Calling.

Above left: Chris Hines with Melinda Messenger and Sam Burkey filming for the ITV What on Earth series. Popularising issues is essential. Above right: Chris Hines talking to the media, SAS lobby of the House of Commons 1991.