It’s easy to complain about a problem. The harder element and yet more important challenge is to find the solution and to put this into place. A Grain of Sand can help with the identification and implementation of solutions. We strongly believe that the 21st Century is about delivering solutions to problems and creating the environment and agenda for these solutions to be implemented.

One of the key characteristics that set Surfers Against Sewage aside from other campaigns was the driving of a cost effective solution to the problem of continuous sewage discharges. Often doing the right thing environmentally can also be the cheaper option especially when all aspects are taken into account. This especially applies when the triple bottom line is used!

Whilst working as Sustainability Director at the Eden Project Chris Hines established the Waste Neutral concept which resulted in an over 60% reduction in waste sent to landfill. This included simple reviews such as a triple bottom line analysis of staying with disposable cups and cutlery or installing a dishwasher and china crockery and metal cutlery. It was a triple win delivering environmental and social gains as well as major financial savings.

A Grain of Sand works with a number of associates and companies, drawing in skills and resources as required.

"During his time at SAS Chris Hines was a tenacious campaigner. Importantly he was always looking for cost effective solutions and helped publicise not only the need for them but also to support water UKcompanies when they implemented these technologies." Pamela Taylor, Chief Exec. Water UK

“The founding core aim of SAS was to make the water companies wake up to UV filtration etc and, broadly, they achieved what they were there for - mission accomplished and how often can you say that?” Alex Thomson, Presenter/ Chief Correspondent, Channel 4 News

“His (Chris Hines) understanding that words were easy and that the secret of change lay in having measurable criteria against which to monitor improvements saw Eden enter a world of measurements and weighting that has provided the bedrock for our "waste Neutral" programme (a programme in fact developed by Chris himself). He never ducked awkward issues and at it could be said he provided the voice of Eden's conscience which was critical at a time when easy compromise was a tempting proposition.” Tim Smit, CEO the Eden Project.


Above left: Chris Hines and Colin Skellett Executive Chairman of Wessex Water at the opening of Porlock micro-filtration sewage treatment works. 99.98% removal of all viruses and bacteria! Above right: Ultra Violet light disinfection tubes – solutions to the viral and bacterial loading of sewage and cheaper than long sea outfalls!